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We’re dedicated to making living at home easier and safer for you, your loved ones and those you may be caring for.

TOOLS For Independence is sponsored by the Independent Living Partnership, dedicated to ensuring the independence and dignity of the elderly and people with disabilities, their families and caregivers through education and access to empowering services and resources.

Click here to read the latest issue of our TOOLS For Independence newsletter, a valuable source of information on all kinds of assistive technology. Everything from simple low-tech gadgets to sophisticated high-tech devices, you and your loved ones and your friends can use to live as independently as possible. 

Visit our TOOLS RESOURCE CENTER (Click Here), a clearinghouse for news, reviews and updates on assistive technology, plus links to other valuable sources of information and help in finding the tools you need to make your life as safe, easy, and independent, as possible.  

TOOLS for Independence also conducts outreach and education to promote the understanding, availability and use of assistive technologies for independent living. Contact Us to find out more about these activities, as well as the new California Assistive Technology Coalition, a statewide initiative working to ensure that the assistive technology needs of our rapidly aging population are met.  


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The TOOLS FOR INDEPENDENCE initiative is sponsored by the Independent Living Partnership